Car hits electricity pylon in Ebberston, near Scarborough

At 3.11am on Firday December 2, crew from Pickering Fire Station responded to a request from police to make a vehicle safe after it had left the road and come to rest against an electricity pylon in a field. The female driver, who was in her 50s, was unharmed and out of the vehicle – a Dacia Duster. Advertisement Hide Ad Fire crew made the car safe by disconnecting the battery and confirmed that the pylon was undamaged. Fire crews were called to a vehicle which hit a pylon at 3.11am on Friday morning Most Popular 1 GPs along the Yorkshire Coast and Ryedale: The waiting times for appointments at surgeries in the area 2 Scarborough Castle, lighthouse and Whitby Abbey to be lit up in laser beam shows – here are the dates Later the same morning, at 4:39am on Cliff Bridge Terrace, Scarborough , Scarborough crew were requested and stood by, with police, for a female on a flat roof approx 20 feet from the ground. Less than an hour later, the young female moved from the edge and was taken into the care of police. Scarborough

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Published on : 2022-12-02 07:52:04

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