Changing the Battery in Your Apple AirTag is Simple, Here’s How You Do It

Apple AirTags aren’t meant to last forever, something I only learned last month when I got a pop-up saying my battery was dying.I’m not sure why I didn’t realise this was the case, upon reflection it is an embarrassing thing for a tech journalist to admit. But here I am, with a dead Apple AirTag.The problem isn’t a big one, however, as it’s super easy to change the battery in an AirTag. How long does AirTag battery last?The general rule is a year, give or take. Mine lasted far less, but I did use it a lot.Does AirTag warn of low battery?When your Apple AirTag battery is very low, a notification will appear on your iPhone. You can also check the Find My app to see if your AirTag battery needs to be replaced.Open the Find My app Tap the Items tab Tap the AirTag you want to check the battery status of you want to check. If the battery level is very low, Low Battery will appear under the name of your AirTag. Apple AirTag low battery warning. Image: Apple/Gizmodo AustraliaCan you change AirTag battery?You sure can! In fact, that’s the only way to let it live its life longer.What batteries does AirTag use?CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery – which are available at most electronic stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. I got mine at Woolies, but there are a tonne of listings on Amazon, too. Apple warns, however, that CR2032 batteries with bitterant coatings might not work with AirTag (it’s to do with the alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts).How do you change an AirTag battery?Press down on the stainless-steel battery cover of the AirTag and rotate anticlockwise until the cover stops rotating Remove the cover and battery Insert a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery with the positive side facing up Listen out for the sound indicating the battery is connected Replace the cover, making sure that the three tabs on the cover align with the three slots on the AirTag Rotate the cover clockwise until it stops. @gizmodoau How to change the battery on your Apple AirTag. #apple #airtag #battery ♬ Suns – Official Sound Studio There you have it, super simple battery replacement for your Apple AirTag.If you’re concerned about AirTags, here’s how to tell if you’re being tracked with one. If you’re travelling and want to know whether it’s worth investing in an Apple AirTag, we’ve detailed our experience with that, too. Similarly, here’s how you track your cat with an AirTag. The post Changing the Battery in Your Apple AirTag is Simple, Here’s How You Do It appeared first on Gizmodo Australia.

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