Gold may rise to ₹62,000, silver at ₹80,000 in 2023. What will boost the shine?

The year 2023 is seen to be in favor of the commodities market with pullbacks in the dollar, softening of inflation, and pause in key rates being the major driving factors. ICICI Direct expects gold and silver markets to be the biggest beneficiary. Gold is likely to regain its safe haven assets title from the dollar in 2023, and silver possibly luring purchases from the industrial sector. The brokerage expects gold to hit ₹ 62,000 and silver to touch the ₹ 80,000 mark. Other commodities such as zinc, copper, aluminium, and crude oil price are also expected to gain traction in the new year. Gold prices: TRENDING STORIES See All Premium 5 Healthy replacements to your favourite food items Premium India, Pakistan share list of nuclear installations thr … Premium BCCI to hold meeting with Rahul Dravid to review T20 Wo … Premium How to minimise EMIs burden on personal loans? Key fact … ICICI Direct expects gold price to touch ₹ 62,000 per 10 gram in 2023. According to the brokerage, gold prices are likely to rise on the back of weakness in the dollar as the US Federal Reserve is likely to pause on rate hikes and may even cut rates in Q2 of 2023. Also, Chinese economic growth is expected to improve in 2023 and that would likely boost demand for the yellow metal. However, concerns about weaker global economic growth and geopolitical tensions will continue to make gold valuable as a hedge against uncertainties. Also, the brokerage’s report stated that jewellery demand is likely to continue the positive trend in 2023. While investment demand is seen to gain pace this year as investors will buy gold as store value amid rising fears of recession. In Q3 of 2022, the global central banks purchased 400 tonnes of gold — which is the largest quarter of demand. Following this trend, the brokerage believes that the central bank will continue to add gold to its reserves. In regards to gold ETFs holdings which have declined in 2022 due to rising rates and a strong dollar, ICICI Direct expects fresh investment demand to kick in in 2023 which should support gold prices. Brokerage’s note further said, “demand for safe haven may rise ahead of recessionary fears. US treasury yield curve, the gap between yields on two-year and 10-year treasury note inverted at -80 bps. An inverted yield curve is often seen as a red flag that a recession is looming.” MINT PREMIUM See All Premium Women’s empowerment via cricket — Howzzat! Premium MFs need structural changes to protect investors and en … Premium Why textile stocks will make a strong comeback in 2023 Premium Mint Explainer: Can India afford the Olympics? Silver prices: Silver is expected to hit ₹ 80,000 per kg in 2023. On silver prices, ICICI Direct believes this commodity will likely move higher, outperforming gold as the silver market is likely to remain in deficit for a second consecutive year. Also, moderating inflation in the US is expected to provide room for the Fed to unwind tighter monetary policy putting downside pressure on yields. Additionally, demand in the industrial sector is likely to grow amid the electrification of vehicles, 5G technology, and commitment to green infrastructure. Furthermore, physical investment in silver was factored in 2022 to grow at 18%. In the coming year, the brokerage expects fresh investment demand to arise due to recessionary fears and weakness in the dollar. As for demand for ETFs, the brokerage expects it to surge in 2023 due to softening of the dollar, possible pause in the first half of the interest rate hike cycle, and looming recessionary fears. Notably, silver use in photovoltaic power and automobile is also expected to rise on the back of expectations of record build for new solar projects and a surge in demand for electric vehicles. Other metals: ICICI Direct expects copper to rally towards ₹ 850 per kg in 2023, while aluminium is expected to remain elevated towards ₹ 260 per kg. Zinc is seen to test ₹ 350 per kg and crude oil prices are estimated to remain relatively stable in the current year. The brokerage’s note said, “Due to the IMF’s revised global GDP prediction, reducing inflation, the halt in interest rate hikes, the weakening dollar, and China’s reopening, the global commodities market is anticipated to exhibit a mixed trend in 2023 and the global economy is currently experiencing a slowdown. This is likely to have a mixed effect on the commodities market.” As per ICICI Direct, despite the Russia-Ukraine war, the crude oil market has suffered greatly in 2022 since production and demand were nearly balanced. With China reopening in 2023 and OPEC cutting back on oil production, global oil consumption is projected to rise once more. As COVID-19 limits are loosened, mobility will likely grow, which would in turn boost China’s imports of crude oil. On this background, the price of MCX crude oil futures is projected to increase toward ₹ 7850 per barrel. Also, the brokerage’s note said, in 2022, base metal prices experienced a roller-coaster ride due to uneven global economic growth and China’s limited trade participation. A deficit in the global base metals market is anticipated in 2023 as a result of supply restrictions from significant manufacturers. Due tothe weaker dollar, potential growth in Chinese consumption, and declining inventories, the base metals market is anticipated to demonstrate positive momentum in 2023. Disclaimer: The views and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or broking companies, and not of Mint. Know your inner investor Do you have the nerves of steel or do you get insomniac over your investments? Let’s define your investment approach. 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