Grandad died for two minutes at grandson’s birthday party

A man who died for two minutes and was given a five-percent chance of survival following a cardiac arrest at his grandson’s birthday party says his entire attitude to life has changed after having his life saved by his student nurse daughter and quick-thinking staff in the nick of time. In June this year, Dean Finch, 65, from Brigg , and his family were visiting a five-a-side football sports complex around an hours’ drive from his North Lincolnshire home, to celebrate his grandson’s seventh birthday. After playing a game of football – even joking to wife Joy to “get the defibrillator ready” – he collapsed suddenly and began foaming at the mouth and turning blue. Within minutes, his daughter was forced to shock him with the defibrillator, before paramedics arrived. Read more: Life for knifeman who struck at random in Tesco car park and Immingham pub The sales representative at MKM in Louth said he “wouldn’t be here today” if it wasn’t for his daughter Lois and two staff members at the Goals sports complex in Doncaster, Louis and Dan. Dean told Grimsby Live: “Lois and the staff saved my life. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them. I was given a five-percent chance of survival and had three minutes to live. I actually died for two minutes at the party before Lois got the defibrillator on me. When I came round in hospital in Doncaster I said, ‘What’s going on?’. It’s that easy to lose your life. “I’ve changed my whole attitude and outlook on life. Family is the most important thing. It’s a real eye-opener when something so sudden like this happens.” Lois and Dean returned to Goals in Doncaster to thank the staff there for saving Dean’s life (Image: Submitted) Lois said: “It was my son Zac’s seventh birthday party on a Sunday afternoon and we were having a great time. Towards the end, there was a kids versus adults game and my dad joined in with a few of the other adults. He wasn’t running around massively, he was just playing with the kids, but before he went out he shouted to my mum, ‘Get that defib ready, Joy!’, jokingly. “He came back in and at the end they were doing a presentation for the kids, handing out medals and party bags, and as they were doing that my friend screamed my name. I turned round and my dad, who had been sitting on a bar stool, had collapsed and hit his face on the table. He looked like he was foaming at the mouth. “I thought he was fitting so I dropped everything and ran over, and everything just stood still. Nobody really knew what to do. I shouted for somebody to call an ambulance and put him in the recovery position, and he was making a noise called the ‘death rattle’, and he went blue and stopped breathing.” Dean and his wife Joy with daughter Lois on her graduation day (Image: Submitted) Lois said the two staff members Dan and Louis at the Doncaster sports complex, Goals, had retrieved the defibrillator and brought it to her. They then took it in turns to perform chest compressions on Dean while Lois set up the defibrillator. Louis also went outside to comfort her sister and mum, who had become “hysterical”. “I managed to get the defibrillator on and shock him, and luckily he managed to come round after the first shock. Within six minutes, the ambulance crew arrived. It was amazing – it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. “At the time I was a student nurse at the University of Lincoln and you learn these sort of things in training, but never to do it on your own dad. It was awful. It was like fight or flight – everyone just looked at me.” Dean was transferred to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where he stayed as an inpatient for several weeks. Doctors found that two of his arteries were fully blocked and one was 80 percent blocked. He subsequently underwent a triple heart bypass. Dean’s family travelled back to Doncaster following his operation to say ‘thank you’ to Louis and Dan for helping to save his life. Dean and grandson Zachary after he underwent a triple heart bypass following the ‘awful’ incident in June (Image: Submitted) “How can you thank someone for helping to save your dad’s life? You just can’t,” Lois said. “We thanked them for being professional and compassionate and just genuinely caring. It wasn’t like it was just a job for them that they had to do. They messaged to see if he was OK afterwards and we’ve been in contact with them since.” Joy, said: “The staff were absolutely wonderful, we can’t thank them enough. We’re eternally grateful for Dan and Louis. I just can’t praise them enough, how they helped us were second to none.” A spokesperson for Goals said: “Lois and her family are lovely and we were so glad we could help save her dad’s life that day.” READ NEXT: Lincolnshire teen tragically dies from ‘spider bite’ that left gaping wound in his back New café and shop aims to breathe new life into Grimsby Docks Humber port in staffing nightmare as new recruits keep failing drug tests I went to Lincoln Christmas Market with £30 and now I’m truly in the festive spirit Read More Related Articles Violent Scunthorpe rugby player left elderly neighbour with fractured eye socket in street attack Read More Related Articles Man lured ‘vulnerable’ ex-girlfriend into woods before launching attack when he discovered ‘romantic’ messages

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