Hulton Park: ‘Ryder Cup’ appeal costs decision ‘entirely predictable’

The council’s order to pay the costs of an appeal to build a Ryder Cup golf course was “entirely predictable”, according to opposition leaders. The council was hit by the order after government inspectors ruled that its decision to reject the £240m Hulton Park project was ‘unreasonable, irrational and injudicious.’ Bolton Labour Group leader Cllr Nick Peel has questioned why the council did not defend its decision by pointing out that the huge £240m project will still hinge on whether the borough is awarded the right to host the Ryder Cup. He said: “I’m annoyed at this because my entire submission to committee was that very special circumstances, i.e. gaining the Ryder Cup, was not met, based upon the fact that Bolton Council does not want the Ryder Cup!” He added: “When the application returned to committee, I was more than happy to support refusal on these grounds. “That the condition that the development can only happen if Bolton gets the Ryder Cup, is not worth the paper its written on because no-one in any position of authority at Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council wants it.” Opposition leader Cllr Nick Peel (Image: Newsquest) The bid, which will include an 18-hole championship golf course and more than 1,000 homes in Over Hulton, was rejected by all but one voting members of the council’s planning committee at a meeting in February. This came after supporters of the bid tried to highlight the prosperity and prestige it would bring to Bolton, while opponents cited concerns about the environment and strain on infrastructure. But despite this, the council decided not to defend its decision to reject the bid at an ensuing public inquiry, which was held by the government’s planning inspectorate after developer Peel L&P decided to appeal. The project also includes plans for more than 1,000 houses (Image: Peel L&P) The inquiry heard from both supporters and opponents of the bid but eventually overruled the council gave the project the green light. Despite the fact Peel did not apply for costs themselves, the inspectors also announced that the council will have to pay for the costs of the two-day inquiry, held at the Holiday Inn in Bolton on October 6 and 7. The exact figure will be settled between the council and Peel L&P. A council spokesman said: “The council did not contest the appeal, which was made against a decision taken in February by cross-party members of the planning committee. “Given this, and the fact that Peel have not made any request for costs, we are therefore disappointed that the Planning Inspector has decided to award costs. “We appreciate that Peel has no choice but to accept the award of costs, and we will now work to settle the amount.” ALSO READ: Bolton Council ordered to pay after ‘irrational’ decision over Ryder Cup plans ALSO READ: Reactions as final decision on £240M ‘Ryder Cup’ golf course plan announced The company have stressed they did not decide themselves to apply for costs but say they will work with the council to decide on an amount. Peel L&P director for planning and strategy Richard Knight said: “We have received the Inspector’s decision and are considering the content of it and will discuss matters with the council in due course. “We highlight Peel L&P did not apply for an award of costs.”

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Published on : 2022-12-03 05:00:00

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