Inside the cheapest auction homes in the UK – where the guide price starts from £5,000

Some of the cheapest auction homes set to go under the hammer have been revealed – but they’re not for the faint-hearted. These are all “fixer-uppers” so they require a lot of work before they can be lived in. This means you’ll need some serious money behind you to do them up. If you’re considering buying a property at auction, you need to do your research first. If lots of people are interested in the property, then the final bid is likely to be much higher than the guide price. Most people pay in cash, and often you have to pay a deposit up front on the day – this is usually around 10%. There are also usually extra fees to pay at auction, such as VAT and commission, -and sometimes there is a reserve price too. Mum reveals how to dry bed sheets in ONE hour without dryer – saving her £88 This is on top of your normal legal costs, stamp duty and surveyor fees. If you are considering going to auction, property website Zoopla has found five of the cheapest homes listed online right now. The guide price – which is an indication of the seller’s minimum price they’ll accept, so you could end up paying more – starts from £5,000 with the cheapest example. You should always try and visit a property before you put in a bid. Two-bed house, South Yorkshire – £5,000 guide price This property has a guide price of £5,000 ( Image: Zoopla) You can see why when you look inside ( Image: Zoopla) The online listing states this two-bed terraced house is “in need of improvement throughout” – and that’s putting it lightly. The kitchen and bathroom both need ripping out (what’s left of them) and starting again from scratch. The other rooms haven’t been lived in for some time, with loose floorboards and walls with only plaster visible. Two-bed house, Durham – £10,000 guide price From the outside, this looks like a normal home ( Image: Zoopla) But it needs a lot of work ( Image: Zoopla) This two-bed is somewhat of a shell of a house – so it’ll require a lot of love to make it a home. Most rooms appear to be not finished yet, with loose wires and bare walls that need finishing off. A toilet covered in dust can be seen in another room, while rubbish and wood are littered in the garden. Three-bed house, South Yorkshire – £12,000 guide price This three-bed has a £12,000 guide price ( Image: Zoopla) There is a lot of grey in this house ( Image: Zoopla) The listing of this three-bed terraced house in Doncaster doesn’t go into too much detail as to why this property is being auctioned. The inside features grey walls and carpets in most rooms, with one window boarded up. Two-bed house, Hull – £15,000 guide price This property has a guide price of £15,000 ( Image: Zoopla) You can see exposed brickwork ( Image: Zoopla) Pictures show exposed brickwork in most of the rooms of this two-bed house in Hull. The kitchen would also need to be ripped out, with half the cupboards no longer there. The bathroom has seen better days. Two-bed house, Cleveland – £15,000 guide price It looks like any other house from the outside The kitchen is sadly non-existent Finally, this two-bed in Cleveland is going under the hammer with a guide price of £15,000. The kitchen is basically non-existent now, so you’ll need to spend money putting a new one in. The other rooms are also in need of new flooring and walls. Read More ‘Our £20k Christmas lights are the craziest in the UK – they cost us £1k to run’ Read More Mrs Hinch fans praise £1 hygiene product that cleans mould – and stops it coming back Read More Mrs Hinch fans praise £1 hygiene product that cleans mould – and stops it coming back Read More Three in ten homeowners have never been into their lofts, study finds Read More Ovo Energy customers could save up to £260 on energy bills with free home visit

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