The essential household items that always feature in Black Friday sales from Dyson, Ninja, Simba and more

Retailers are slashing the prices of in-demand household gadgets in the lead up to the 2022 Black Friday sale, with brands like Dyson, Ninja and Ring Doorbells appearing to top the discounts once more. Tech and household devices are popular products to buy in the November sale as it’s often the best time to get otherwise expensive items for a much cheaper price. Not only this but given the timing and recent 2022 phone releases it’s the first time shoppers are able to buy latest tech items, like the iPhone 14 range, for the lowest price. Last year Black Friday generated billions of pounds in profit but it’s not sure if the figure will be as close this year as consumers feel the pinch of the cost of living crisis. Which is why finding deals on useful household items, like vacuums, doorbells, and even mattresses is proving to be a lot more popular this year. READ MORE: What we ‘must-buy’ this Black Friday and where to find the best price Black Friday falls on November 25 this year and even though the official date is still 13 days away a handful of household deals have launched on the likes of Amazon, Curry’s and networks like Virgin Media. As the cost of everyday items continue to rise amongst factors like higher inflation rates, we’re seeing shopping habits shift from spontanious buying to essential shopping. Everyday appliances are always in high-demand which is why they continuously feature in Black Friday sales. We’ve put together a list if you’re looking to buy this year, whether it’s on a loved ones Christmas list or an item you need for your home, these items are nearly always reduced on Black Friday. Simba mattresses As far as essential items to buy for your home this Black Friday go, nothing beats a comfortable mattress. Which is why majority of retailers slash the price of various high-end mattress brands , as shoppers look to get a more restful nights sleep leading up to Christmas and the start of the new year. Simba have launched 2022 Black Friday deals Simba have already introduced a handful of deals this November including it’s 2022 Black Friday sale with savings of up to £1,192 on offer. In the last week the brand have droppped the prices of its Essential, Hybrid, Pro and Luxe ranges. One of the best deals so far is on the Simba Hybrid Pro, the king size is now more than £400 cheaper , at £549 reduced from £999. As well as a guaranteed saving of hundreds of pounds on selecred ranges, shoppers can also get free products with Black Friday purchases this year. The more expensive Simba Hybrid Luxe which now costs £849 in the sale (down from £1, 499) includes a free mattress protector, which cost an average of £80. Shark and Dyson Vacuum’s The likes of Shark and Dyson are top items on shoppers lists, any money off is a win as prices normally retail between £150 and £400 depending on the model and features of each vacuum. A handful of deals have already dropped for this year. Looking at Dyson first and it is offering shoppers a saving of up to £100 this Black Friday accross selected models on its site, this is the same price drop as last year but some of the models are different. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Extra is now £319 compated to it’s original £419 price tag. Another model available for £100 cheaper is the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute which normally retailers for more than £500. In 2021’s Black Friday sale Dyson also offerred discounts on the popular V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum cleaner, in-high demand with pet households, so shoppers may see this featured in the price drops as we get closer to the November 25 date. Moving on to Shark, a rival manufacturer when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners. The brand are popular for its household products from high-end vacuum cleaners to steam mops and even car cleaning kits. Retailers like Amazon , Curry’s and John Lewis are known to offer competitive discounts in seasonal sales like Black Friday. And Amazon has already launched a limited time deal on the Shark Stratos Cordless Stick Vacuum now £349 down from its original £400+ price. Ninja airfryer’s Dual draw Ninja Airfryer Airfryers have become staple appliances in household kitchens, not only do they make cooking quick and easy but using them cuts the amount of electricity in half. Airfryer’s are in high-demand this Black Friday especially as they’ve become known to save shoppers on energy bill costs. Ninja are a popular choice with shoppers thansks to its many airfryer models and range of other kitchen appliances like soup makers, blenders and slow-cookers. Last year retailers including Amazon offerred money-off the Ninja Food Max from an original £225 down to £199. But it seems the discounts are even better this year as shoppers can get up to £90 off a range of its products on the Ninja site. Several limited edition products, including the new copper/ metallic products come with free accessories, including spice grinders, cooking racks and branded kitchen utensils. Our team recently tested out the Ninja AF100UK and it’s safe to say the brand is definitely one to look if you’re looking for an ‘all-in-one’ kitchen appliance. Ring doorbells Another essential gadget when it comes to home security are Ring doorbells, the smart devices that send video updates of your front door, track activity and even allow you to speak to the postman if you’re not in. Nowadays smart doorbells can be found on majority of UK front doors and were increadibly popular items in the 2021 Black Friday sale. It’s no doubt these products are in popular demand again as shoppers look to get the best price. In recent sales shoppers have been able to get these for as little as £45, down from their starting price of £89. Amazon are yet to reduce the price of the Ring doorbell for Black Friday but discounts are expected to launch just as they did a couple of months ago in the October Amazon Prime Day sale. Read Next: I tried the ActiFry air fryer reduced by £100 for Black Friday and as a non-cook it’s a game changer Cosy ‘must- buy’ items to stay warm this Black Friday as tried by our team including 30% off Oodie Shoppers crash Ninja website to snap up Black Friday limited edition copper coloured kitchen gadgets Buying a Nespresso coffee machine has saved me hundreds of pounds Early Black Friday deal sees cordless vacuum that works ‘better than a Dyson’ reduced to £119

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